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Use this space to connect with new readers and potential customers in a new way, especially for Indie Authors. We hand out free copies of your book in the form of a short preview to thousands of readers in your genre.


Think of it as offering a free trial to readers to gain the reader and making the sale.


With a million new books hitting the market everyday, standing out can be tough. And with a million more amateur writers hitting the market gaining the readers trust to take a chance on you is even harder.


We create a blog post highlighting your book with a summary to entices our audience to read your book. The preview allows the reader to enjoy a sample of your writing risk free and if they enjoy it and want to continue then they must purchase the book.

If the reader decides not to purchase the book for any reason then the author has only shared a fraction of their book. Sharing only a preview reduces the risk of a free copy of your entire book ending up on a pirate site as well.

How It Works


What we need from you:

1. Between 20% to 30% of the book is recommended. To encourage sales it best to end the preview with a chapter that has a cliffhanger but do not offer more than 40% of the book.  The preview must be in MS Word Doc format or Google Doc format with the ability to download it as a MS Word Doc. Please include your copyright with your document.

NOTE: If your book is apart of Amazon's KU (Kindle Unlimited) then only provide 10% of the book so you are not violating the terms.


2. The links to where readers can buy the book. Please provide clean links.


3. The links to your social media platforms and websites so that we can encourage readers to connect with you.


4. The short questionnaire completed to better serve your needs.


What We Do:

1. We evaluate your book's marketability and give you invaluable feedback on marketing your book and insights on improving your marketability and appealing to your audience.


2.  We create a professional book preview package.


3. We promote your book on our blog, on our social media, and our extended channels to your target audience for 3 months. Thousands of readers interested in various genres, including:  Romance, Fantasy, Horror, LGBTQ, Erotica, Thriller, and more.


Additional Services We Offer


Top Featured- Have your book at the top of our blog for a month


Newsletter Subscriber Boost- We run a campaign to collect emails of reader who express interest in hearing more from you.