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Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between your previews and Amazon's look inside feature?

1. You have control over your preview! At the end of you preview It will not only direct readers to purchases your book but also to connect with you on your social media platform as well as other books you have written. Your preview is all about you and connecting with the reader. Amazon is only about them making their cut of the book sale, not about helping you build that connection with the readers. If helping you build a readership was important they would give you a way to contact those who purchased your books directly. 2. We actively promote your preview to thousands readers through various channels and provide a way for you to contact readers who express interest in hearing more from you.

Why does it cost money to be on your blog but other blogs do not charge?

We are not like other blogs and just post your book on this website and spend maybe a day sharing the blog post on social media. Our goal isn't just to have content for our blog. Our ultimate goal is to connect writers to readers so we actively promote your preview to your TARGETED readers for 90 days. We tap into a various channels to put your preview into the hands of readers of your genre beyond just our website and social media. This laser focused promotion beyond just a blog post and a few tweets deserves some compensation just as you pay a publicist or a PA.

Do Author Interviews cost to be featured on the site?

No we accept any authors interview submission at no cost. However authors who purchase services through us get priority listing. Interviews from everyone else are listed as needed.