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The So Bookish Blog is founded and managed by LaSasha Flame, a dark romance author. Being both reader and author she understands the issues from both sides of the relationship between writer and reader.


A million new books hit the market every day, many from amateur writers due to the ease of self-publishing. 


Many glorious books to devour!

Be the first to find a great read from a little known author! 


Amateur writers who have never heard of an editor or a plot!

Wasting money on books you can not or will not finish!


The truth of the matter: Your trust, as the reader, in writers and their books has been broken. 


So Bookish wants to help readers find great books from amazing Independent Authors who take the book business very serious. We provide readers with free previews of books from various writers in various genres.


Think of it as enjoying a free trial from the writers before buying the book.


A risk-free way to discover great stories and evenr better authors